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kavartherm India (brand)

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since 1988 we are specialized in engineering and production of thermal  insulation elements as heat protection, thermal storage and - more and more important, also for forthcoming emission standard Bharat VI - as a support for the thermal management of exhaust aftertreatment systems.

In 2019 we started to plan the setup two production plants in India for the manufacturing of flexible insulation elements and metal heat shields (integral insulation).


Together with our exclusive partner, SM Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. we will be able to offer an individual solutions for a probably working SCR-system.

The stainless steel sheathed integral insulation is offered under the brand name Kavartherm, the flexible textile integral insulation (insulation jackets) bear the name Kavarflex.

We are pleased to offer both product lines for your own exhaust pipes and parts, but there is also the possibility to purchase the complete package, so to acquire the exhaust-carrying pipe with directly applied thermal insulation on it.

Contact us or SM Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. so that you can get your individual solution soon.



Keep the temperature there where it is mostly needed - in the exhaust system itself. 

Bharat VI will only work with an intelligent thermo management, so let's #savetheheat together.



high temperature insulation systems for exhaust pipes & parts



integral insulation
heat shield technology

the metallic stainless steel cover for pre-insulated exhaust pipes and parts

kavartherm India (brand)


the customized heat protection suit, directly delivered to the workbench

kavarflex India (brand)
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